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Brandon Evans Fucks Tyler Griffin

Now y’all know I’m not one to gossip (shut up) but I seriously think that Brandon Evans and Tyler Griffin would make a great couple. Anyone that doesn’t believe me need only watch this scene. Allow me to give you a sneak peak.

Picture it, these two studs on a bed smiling ear to ear; eager to see what the other has to offer. They engage in some small talk but if you look closely you’ll notice that Tyler can barely take his eyes off of Brandon’s chest. It only becomes more evident once Brandon takes off his shirt. To be fair, I can barely take my eyes off of the kid either. But there’s a burning behind Tyler’s eyes that’s unmistakeable and it shows as soon as these two begin to kiss. Brandon passionately holds his head as they make out. As they kiss, Brandon’s big cock hardens, making his briefs tighten. Tyler releases it and using his mouth to house it instead. Brandon smiles and gently plays with Tyler’s cock as his is swallowed whole. Much to Tyler’s delight, he bends down and returns the favor.

After the boys exchange blow jobs, Tyler bends all the way over and allow Brandon to shove his hard cock deep into his hot ass. Once he’s in and Tyler is loosened up, Brandon begins the pounding! Tyler moans as he ass is pummeled and plowed by the guy he couldn’t take his eyes off of. What a rush! They move to the bed where Tyler slides his hole right back onto Brandon’s pole and rides him. These two are too hot for words and the heat they generate together may make my computer explode so because none of you BSB fans are going to pony up and help me replace it I’m going to have to insist that you get your asses over to the site and watch them love all over each other. I will say in closing that these two would make a HOT couple.

Brandon Evans Fucks Tyler Griffin