Birthday Wishes

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Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw

So for my last birthday I received some awesome gift cards, a nice dinner with some friends, and an alcoholic dessert. I didn’t think to ask for some alone time with a BSB pro! That’s exactly what Mikey’s did! It’s his birthday today and he’s made a special request to have Dakota Ford. Dakota is a good guy and is more than happy to fulfill Mikey’s birthday wish and fuck his brains out.

Mikey doesn’t want a quickie so the boys begin by making out and groping each other. Dakota soon finds himself on his knees and somehow takes almost half of  Mikey’s huge cock into his mouth. He almost chokes on it and the Mikey’s snake tries to travel down his throat. I don’t know how he does it but he even takes a face fucking from Mikey and that big dick of his.

After Mikey returns the favor and blows Dakota, he gets bent over the bed and Dakota shoves his cock into his ass. His raw dick slides in and out of Mikey’s ass as he pound him over and over. Dakota grabs Mikey’s neck for leverage so that he can bury his prick in even further. Once Mikey is on top, he calls out Dakota’s name as he rides that long prick reverse cowboy style.

Mikey’s prick bounces all over as he slides up and down on Dakota’s bareback cock before  Mikey lies on his back. Dakota pushes his big dick inside again and destroys Mikey’s hole until cum and squirting from Mikey’s cock. Dakota soon follow suit, only his load finds a home right in Mikey’s ass for a rare BSB breeding! Happy Birthday!

Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw