Benjamin Dover Bends Over

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Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

I knew Ben Dover’s nickname would get him in trouble eventually. The time has come for to take some cock and who better to deliver it than Brandon Evans. I’ve missed Brandon and I can’t think of a better welcome back gift than some warm ass. Brandon gets things heated by massaging Benjamin’s dick through his boxers. He then teases it by pulling it out and running his tongue up and down the thick shaft.

Benjamin grabs Brandon’s ass while he gets his dick sucked and deepthroated by Brandon. I think Benjamin forgot that he’s the one getting fucked today; or maybe he’s just addicted to nice asses like me. When Brandon wants some head he gets in position and 69s with Benjamin. While Benjamin is giving Brandon oral he’s getting his asshole fingered by Brandon, getting his entrance ready for what’s about to come. Finally, Brandon gets up and gets Benjamin into position.

Brandon slowly slides his dick into Benjamin’s ass, letting the virgin ass adjust to the size of it before fucking him harder and deeper. As he batters his ass, his balls slap against Benjamin’s ass.  Benjamin’s legs are spread wide apart as he takes the cock without complaint. Brandon keeps him on his back as he takes advantage of his hot wet ass until he blows his load. Brandon jerks his own dick hard and fast, kissing Brandon until he’s busting a nut all over himself!

Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover