Battle for Supremacy

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Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

Tanner Valentino isn’t here to play games. He wants Cage Kafig and he wants him almost soon as the cameras start rolling. He damn near attacks him, forcing his lips onto his, beginning a steamy make out session. They passionately kiss before Cage becomes the aggressor by pulling Tanner’s cock from his short and wrapping his lips around it. Tanner doesn’t let him own the scene, so he rearranges himself and the boys get into the 69 position so that they can continue to please each other. Cage then rims Tanner’s hot ass. He wants it nice and wet for what’s to come.


With his ass wet and ready, Tanner takes over again and lower his tight hole onto Cage’s cock. He takes every inch as he bounces up and down. He’s not in control for long though. Soon enough Cage takes over and begins to pound his hot ass, making it bounce and jiggle.

Cage rolls him onto all fours but Tanner doesn’t remain passive. He backs that ass up on Cage and forcibly rides his cock! These two battle for control throughout the scene until one of them is covered in cum! Pop inside to see how the battle unfolds.

Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw