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John Henry And Dakota Ford Raw

He’s been gone for a minute now he’s back! Dakota Ford is back after a two year absence. Because he’s been gone so long, Dakota’s ass might as well be a virgin’s, which mean John Henry must be very excited. Let’s let these two get to work on break reintroducing Dakota to male on male lovin’.

John snatches Dakota’s clothes off and quickly finds his hardening cock. He wraps his lips around it and inhales almost every inch of it, bring his nose now to Dakota’s pubic hair. He deep throats that dick, cupping his balls while he sucks that sweet cock.  Dakota begins to face fuck John hard; damn near making him choke on it. Dakota stands up and continues to punish John’s face and throat with his long cock. The boy then get into 69 position so that John can eat Dakota’s ass as he gets his dick sucked. John loves the taste of Dakota manhole so he drives his tongue in as deep as it will go. Dakota returns the favor and rims John, getting his hole nice and moist.

When both guys are horny as fuck Dakota bends over and allows John to lube and finger his hole. John checks with Dakota and makes sure he’s ready to take cock, Dakota implores him to take it easy. John slowly presses his cock inside and is met with tight resistance and groans from Dakota. John doesn’t stop. He just keeps stroking and filling that tight hole with big long dong. To his credit, Dakota takes every thrust like the pro he once was. The boys flip and John ends up on his back with Dakota pounding his butt. Dakota may not have taken dick in some time but he hasn’t had a break from fucking and his topping performance proves it. Come on in to see one of this boys take a cum shot to the face and eye!

John Henry And Dakota Ford Raw