Attack of the Ginger

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Levi Jackson Fucks Mikey

Our new kid on the block, Levi, has been paired with Mikey, our resident veteran. I’m sure these two are ready to produce sparks as much as I want to see them fly! Let’s get started.

The boys rip their shirts off and attack each other’s lips. They begin to take off their clothes as they make out. Once Levi’s cock pops out, Mikey goes for it. He gets on his knees to service Levi, who moans in approval. Levi gets his chance to show his gratitude when its his turn to reciprocate. I don’t know how his does it but he almost gets all of Mikey’s cock in his mouth.

They get on the bed where Mikey spreads his legs and invites Levi into his hole. Levi doesn’t hesitate. He penetrates Mikey with his raw cock and begins to pound away. Levi knows that Mikey’s hole has seen its fair share of action and he doesn’t need to warm up so he starts pounding away immediately. Mikey takes it like a pro, enjoying every thrust that Levi considers.

Mikey finds his way on top and rides Levi, until Levi takes over and just continues to pound his boy pussy from below. Levi puts him on his back and destroys his hole until his cumming all over Mikey’s balls. Mikey then releases a massive load all over his stomach!

Levi Jackson Fucks Mikey