“Are you still there? Are you okay?”

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Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

Well, the time has come for Justin to experience the joys of bottoming. Paul Cannon will be breaking into that asshole himself. Justin doesn’t seem to be too nervous, but he’s not drowning in excitement either.

The boys slowly undress and show off their beautiful bodies. Paul puts on a workout exhibition in the nude, which puts everyone in the mood, including me. The boys sit back on the couch where Justin decides to show off his natural skills as a cocksucker. This guy is one of the most orally talented guys on the site, so the fact that he has Paul brick hard so quickly is not a surprise. Justin grips the cock at the base as he slurps his way up and down the shaft, Paul watches in ecstasy and delight. He rubs on Justin’s dick and ass while getting serviced. Paul lets Justin lay back as he reciprocates taking it down to the base. As Paul sucks, Justin thrusts his hips, effectively fucking Paul’s mouth. Paul uses his hand and warm moist mouth to send Justin into a fit of moaning. These two are certainly the best cocksuckers BSB has.

Ready to break in that virgin ass, Paul pushes Justin’s legs back, lubes up and tries to push inside. Justin’s hole is tight and it causes some pain for both of them. Paul gets some more lube and tries again. This time he’s able to get half of is cock in. “Go slow, dude”, Justin pleads. Paul obliges, but only momentarily before picking up the pace a bit. Justin breathes heavily, taking in both the pleasure and pain of his first time getting fucked. Once Paul is in his rhythm, there’s nothing stopping him. He begins to plow through him. Justin continues to deal with the feeling of begin ripped open as Paul digs deeper and deeper.

In order to give Justin a “break” Paul sits back on the couch and allows Justin to sit on his dick. Justin, whose ass is wide open, slides right onto Paul’s man beater and starts to ride the veteran like he himself has been around for awhile. Justin leans back and lays on Paul’s chest as Paul takes Justin’s cock in his hand and jacks him off. Paul squeezes a hot milky load right out of Justin before putting the newbie on his hands and knees and splattering cum on his ass.

Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw