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Jesse Avalon Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Newbie Jesse Avalon, is set and ready to play with  the ever popular and equally eager Gage Owens.  So ready that they waste no time. They begin to kiss and Gage’s lips explores Jesse’s body eventually coming in contact with his fat cock. He licks his cock up and down before taking in down his throat. Gage can’t get enough of of that juicy dick, he takes it down to the hilt and allows Jesse to fuck his mouth.

Gage gets his fill of Jesse’s cock in his mouth and decides that its time for it to fill his ass. He bends over and lets Jesse work himself inside. He fucks him raw and even smacks his ass while he does it. Gage takes it like a champ as that big cock slides in and out of his bubblebutt.

Jesse gets on the bed and Gage slides right on his cock. As he rides Jesse, his own fat dick jumps up and down in front of Jesse’s face. If I were Jesse I’d have my mouth wrapped around it while fucking him. As if on cue, Jesse does just that! These boys go at it until Gage is covered in sticky hot jizz.

Jesse Avalon Fucks Gage Owens Raw