Acquiring the Taste

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Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

Oliver Saxon is still new to BSB and needs to be broken in which, as you know, can only mean good things for us! Let’s see how this boy performs under John’s tutelage. They start things off by kissing and gently feeling each other up. They make out while slowing getting rid of their clothes, piece by piece until Oliver is naked and exposed. John begins this blowjob lesson by going down on Oliver first, damn near swallowing his cock. Oliver’s dick hardens as John puts in work. John slurps and licks the shaft, really showing his partner how its done.

Now it’s Oliver’s turn. He’s a little clumsy at first and doesn’t go down much. That changes when John puts his hand on the back of his head and forces him to take more down his throat. John’s cock grows rock hard as the amateur’s skills progresses in the span of seconds. He started this blowjob as a newbie, but ends it sucking like a pro!

For doing such a good job, John rewards Oliver with a chance to get some ass. John lies back on the bed and spreads his legs allowing Oliver to push his dick right into his tight hole. Oliver may not have given a blowjob before but he knows how to fuck. He digs deep as his thrusts come faster and faster. Pop on in to see just how much dick John takes before this newbie blows a hot load!

Oliver Saxon Fucks John Henry Raw