A Different Tongue

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Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Brenden Steel is nervous as most first time boys are. But he has Jared Marzdon in the same scene with him and it appears that they have something in common: they’re learning French. Learning French takes time, effort, and commitment. Let’s hope that for Brenden’s sake learning to suck cock and fuck guys comes a bit more naturally.

They begin by attempting to kiss. Brenden pulls back some but jared guides him in the right direction by not only getting him to kiss but getting his tongue involved. Afterwards, Jared demonstrates the art of sucking dick by going down on Brenden first. He damn near swallows him whole while bobbing up and down on his shaft. Jared finishes his tutorial, kisses Brenden, then stands up and lets Brenden have a taste of his cock. Brenden sucks him off and doesn’t appear to be shy or nervous about it. He does a pretty good job for a first timer. As a treat, Jared goes down on Brenden once more before getting ready to give up that ass

Now the fun begins.

Once Jared is lubed up, he slowly sits on Brenden’s cock but Brenden doesn’t just lie there. He gets up and bends him over the dresser. He starts fucking him deep and slow, forcing Jared to moan loudly. Brenden picks up the pace and really begins to pound his sweet little hole. Jared pleads for him to slow down as if he’s the rookie but Brenden barely eases up until he has him on his back. These two fuck until they both release a nice nut.

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon