A Boy’s Welcome

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Mikah Fucks Chris

I feel like it was just yesterday that Chris Taylor was the new, awkward kid on the block. Now he’s been around for a bit and is ready to take on the role of teacher. His pupil today will be Mikah Lake who is nervous be seemingly eager to get started. Let’s get started.

They begin a few gentle kisses before taking off their clothes. Once Mikah is naked Chris goes down on him and feasts on his cock. He uses his tongue to get his shaft nice and wet before the boys switch positions, allowing Mikah to get his first on camera taste of dick.

Mikah has some skill for a “newbie”. He’s takes Chris cock deep down his down over and over. Chris moans as he watches his student work him over. Mikah slides Chris to the edge of the bed where he begins to fuck his throat. Satisfied with oral, Mikah bends Chris over before pushing his raw cock inside of him. Mikah doesn’t take it easy on his teacher. He goes in deep and bangs with with nice hard thrusts. Chris turns over onto his back and takes more of Mikah’s dick while he jacks his cock. Soon cum is unloading from the tip of Chris’ prick. Mikah pulls out and drains his cum all over Chris’s balls!

Mikah Fucks Chris