(9 x 6)/2-19-4 = Hell Yeah!

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Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an orgy scene but when BSB makes you wait they certainly have a way of making it up to us. Today they’ve put Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David together in a foursome and boy oh boy it going to be a treat! There’s no need to talk, these boys know what they’re here to do. Let’s get cracking.

The boys split up, Chandler with David and Gage with Tyler. Both pairs make out and begin to strip each other. Soon David and Gage are sitting back while their partners suck their growing dicks. Chandler and Tyler are both great cock suckers and they have their partners stiff in no time. With everyone on brick, it’s time for the fucking to begin. The boys get on the bed, with Chandler and Tyler on all fours ready to take cock. Gage and David eagerly enter the asses before them and begin to pound away. Tyler’s bubble butt has me drooling as Gage fucks him hard and raw! David is also putting in work, making Chandler moan at the end of his joy stick. At BSB caring is sharing, so David and Gage switch allowing the other to get in their partner’s sweet asses.

When the time comes for them to flip, David and Gage get treated to rim jobs from their partners before getting fucked on their backs. Soon Chandler becomes the center of attention. Chandler ends up getting his ass fingered by the other three guys and then things get a little rough as they tie his hands behind his back and take turns pounding that sweet ass and fucking that mouth!  When all is said and done Chandler is covered in the cum of three friends.

Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David