6 Ways From Sunday

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Cage Gives Brandon One Great Fuck

Every once and in a while, there’s pairing so hot that you have to read the title a couple of times just to make sure you’re not imagining things. Well, it’s happening, Brandon Evans and Cage Kafig. Let’s see how these two hot boys get along.

They begin with quick make out session before getting undressed. As soon as Brandon takes off his pants Cage is on his dick like white on rice. He gobbles it down making Brandon moan in appreciation. Cage cups Brandon’s balls as he licks that shaft and then lies back to make out with Brandon some more before he gets his own hard dick sucked.  Brandon shows Cage’s balls some love as he licks them. Brandon’s hot mouth makes Cage crave some ass. Brandon doesn’t make him wait. He bends over and allows Cage access.

Cage takes his time as he carefully enters Brandon’s tight ass. Brandon struggles some but soon his ass opens enough for Cage to begin some deeper thrusts. Cage begins fuck him hard, prompting Brandon to try push against Cage’s thigh with his hand. Cage simply brushes it aside and continues to punish Brandon’s tight hole. The boys end up in a few positions before finally Brandon is allowed to ride Cage while Cage strokes Brandon’s dick. Soon enough, cum erupts from Brandon’s cock; landing all over his chest and abs. Cage pulls out and nuts hard all over Brandon!

Cage Gives Brandon One Great Fuck